Monday, January 18, 2010

How Long Does Lumbar Radiculopathy Last Lumbar Radiculopathy, Lumbosacral Spondylosis, Sprain/strain Of Lumbar Spine, Denervation From Lumbar To Leg.?

Lumbar radiculopathy, lumbosacral spondylosis, sprain/strain of lumbar spine, denervation from lumbar to leg.? - how long does lumbar radiculopathy last

That's what they have been assessed as under. The doctor was not about how he looked. I understand that my L3 nerve-injured the knee, which affects my lower back and feet.
The doctor told me to take a year to heal completely one centimiter the nerve. it is a very long time for me ...
Can someone tell me what to take out the assessments and the type of medication, treatment and recovery time constant.
Also, I'm in the army and began a medical report to decide on board, hold me. Has anyone experience in this area?
And if so, what kind of things should help in my official report to doctors on my case for compensation if I am forced to separate.


ddinaz said...

Sorry for your pain. The back is the main framework for our bodies and every time there is something wrong with him, well, sucks. I am a big fan of and The almost daily use and recommend to my patients at home are often made available. Both are easy to use and understand and have great information available.
As for balance, I am not familiar with the guidelines of the armed forces. In my world (no offense), a medical examination includes everything from diagnostic tests, physical therapy is recommended duration (of treatment and prognosis or expected outcome of therapy, the degree of recovery that will do and how fast). If thou shalt some type of permanent disability, this would be the time to know what benefits they are entitled and how they are needed.
I have a degenerative disease that causes the hip sometimes complete loss of the use of his left leg and foot when in the wrong direction, I can understand what to expect. In any case, hope that helps and I wishor the best in his review.

Thank you for keeping America and all his brothers, the "house of freedom." God bless you all.

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